Registry matter 5/2017
City Varna

The Varna district court hereby certifies that, by virtue of Art. 18 of the Law on Non-Profit Organizations, by Order No. 58 of 2 March 2017, the register of non-profit corporations was filed under Register No. 66, Volume 78, p.192 with respect to Registry matter 5/2017, FN 0317000058 registered the charitable foundation named "DOCTOR TANYA MAVRODINOVA".

Status: Working
Seat: Varna
Address: Residential district Chayka, Bl.20, Entrance B, Et.8, App.45

  1. Involvement and implementation of charitable and social activities in Bulgaria and abroad;
  2. Activities to improve the state of health of the organism and its prophylaxis through health, education, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation measures in Bulgaria and abroad;
  3. Promotion and support of a healthy lifestyle and prophylaxis, and participation in the treatment of all stages of various diseases (including malignant) by integrating all possibilities of Eastern and European medicine with the healing properties of thermal springs in Bulgaria and abroad;
  4. Multilateral development of international cooperation in the field of healthy nutrition of the population by offering and distributing homeopathic products and food supplements in Bulgaria and abroad;
  5. Conducted training, promotion and dissemination by mass media and public organizations of self-healing, non-drug treatment, psychological adjustment of health and psychological support in Bulgaria and abroad;
  6. Assisting Bulgarian citizens with treatment abroad and people from other countries receiving treatment in Bulgaria;
  7. Support of health care facilities in the acquisition of medical equipment and consumables in Bulgaria and abroad;
  8. Support for existing hospices, day care centers, hospitals, retirement homes, orphanages and children's homes, as well as the creation and opening of such in Bulgaria and abroad;
  9. Supporting the integration of disabled people and lonely elderly people in Bulgaria and abroad. Creating suitable conditions for disadvantaged groups such as people with disabilities, the elderly and others to use social services in and out of their homes, in Bulgaria and abroad;
  10. Assistance, material and financial assistance in Bulgaria and abroad for abandoned children, orphans, single mothers, persons and children with disabilities, senior citizens, vulnerable people and children, vulnerable schoolchildren and families;
  11. Providing versatile support to expectant and current parents for successful pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and skillful parenting in Bulgaria and abroad;
  12. Support and facilitate the adoption process and education of children in specialized institutions by Bulgarian and foreign citizens in Bulgaria and abroad;
  13. Participation in the development and establishment of care for the elderly, people with Alzheimer's disease, patients with other forms of dementia and specific diseases, with health workers being supported to practice in Bulgaria and abroad;
Means to achieve goals
  1. Carrying out investigations and analysis relating to the objectives of the Foundation;
  2. Involvement of experts, professionals, partners and volunteers to support the work of the Foundation;
  3. Attracting followers, popularizing and expanding the activity of the foundation;
  4. Development and publication of information and advertising materials on all media to support, develop and popularize the activities of the Foundation;
  5. Organization and realization of seminars, conferences, etc.;
  6. Implementation of various research programs, projects and initiatives;
  7. Execution of expert and consulting activities;
  8. Participation in the development and realization of projects of partner organizations;
  9. Maintaining contacts with similar organizations in Germany and abroad;
  10. Development and realization of projects, connected with the goals of the foundation.

The Foundation is headed by the Executive Director and represented by:
VALENTIN MAVRODINOV MAVRODINOV, citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, born. on 11.03.1957 in Shumen, Republic of Bulgaria.

This certificate represents the current registration status, after all changes, made in the register sheet until the last registered court decision No. 58 dated 02.03.2017.

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