As a charitable foundation, our job is to help people maintain their health
Doctor Tanya Mavrodinova

Dr. Tanya Mavrodinova

Our foundation was founded in March 2017 by three founders who have decided to continue the humanitarian work of Dr. med. Tanya Mavrodinova continues.

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The activities of our foundation are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. We take our goals and tasks very seriously.

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In order to achieve our goals and objectives, we work with various non-profit organizations, but also with leading companies from many countries around the world.

The Doctor Tanya Mavrodinova Foundation

Non-profit organization

The Doctor Tanya Mavrodinova Foundation was founded in March 2017 in memory of Dr. med. Tanya Mavrodinova founded. With our work we want the commitment of Dr. med. med. Tanya Mavrodinova in health care resume. Dr. med. Tanya Mavrodinova was one of the leading doctors in the city of Varna (Bulgaria). She had great practical experience in the field of lung diseases. She was a lecturer at the Medical University of Varna, as well as at the Medical College. She had a scientific title "Candidate of Medical Sciences". We are committed to helping people maintain their health, fight various diseases and age-related conditions. We are active both in Bulgaria and outside the country. Our goals are versatile. In order to achieve this, we depend on the support of many people, companies and organizations. Anyone who is motivated and wants to volunteer to work with us through the Foundation is welcome to join us. We thank everyone who participates in our humanitarian work, who cares about the health of the people with us and supports us morally, financially and personally. Anyone who accepts the motto of the Foundation "YOUR HEALTH IS OUR GOAL AND MISSION" is welcome in our ranks. Thanks in advance!

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The main sponsor of the foundation

Previtalica (Germany) is the main sponsor of the Doctor Tanya Mavrodinova Foundation. Since the founding of the Foundation, Previtalica has become our strong partner and has actively supported the Foundation's activities in various humanitarian activities. We are very grateful to the management of Previtalica for the high level of trust in us, the financial support and the material resources. Here you can learn more about Previtalica.

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